Creating Better Outcomes: Intelligent Staffing Automation Wins Through the Lens of Healthcare Personas

3 min read
Jul 24, 2023

Healthcare is a dynamic field comprised of various roles, each working together towards a shared goal of improving patient care and, ultimately, better patient outcomes. With so many various but critical roles, it can be tough to find holistic technology that goes beyond being "just a tool". Comprehensive, end-to-end solutions are required to accommodate and empower every member of the healthcare team. From the compassionate problem solver to the nurse new to the workforce, the dedicated self-learner to the experienced scheduler, each individual faces a unique set of challenges and requires different tools to accomplish their best work. Get to know each of our unique team members below and learn what they're looking for in a staffing solution.

man in suitMeet Matty, a people-oriented problem solver who highly values the staff he manages. He resides in a rural town with his wife and 3 kids. He started in the hospital as an RN but moved into a manager role after the pandemic. He is motivated to keep his staff happy but finds it challenging to meet everyone's needs. Watch his full story here.

young black womanMeet Nora, a passionate early career nurse who's known for her passion for exceptional patient care. Nora lives an adventurous lifestyle and adores her two cats, Marmalade and Genkins. She loves her job and is exceptionally motivated to help others. Despite her dedication, she has yet been unable to secure an official full-time position, instead picking additional shifts to pay off her student loans and travel as much as possible. Watch her full story here.

a man and woman watching two kids playingMeet Harry, a hardworking and eager self-learner who entered the workforce directly out of high school. Harry has worked in housekeeping at his healthcare facility for almost 10 years, commuting over an hour each day. He struggles to keep up with new technology at work and is especially interested in user-friendly tools that provide inherent value. Watch his full story here.

woman in business attire with glasses and an idea bulbMeet Stella, an experienced and dedicated scheduler who's constantly seeking innovative solutions to optimize staffing. Stella loves reading and living an active lifestyle. She has a diploma in HR management and has worked at the same healthcare organization for the past nine years. She is often slowed down by working on repetitive manual tasks. She's interested in technology that can save her time. Watch her full story here.

man working on laptopMeet Saad, a dedicated problem solver who loves optimizing processes and finding ways to enhance efficiency. Saad and his family moved to Canada five years ago, and he has been working at the same healthcare organization ever since. He has a deep understanding of the complex scheduling process and works hard to make improvements that help his frontline colleagues provide better patient care. Watch his full story here.

female doctorMeet Sienna, an experienced and results-driven Chief Nursing Officer with a thorough knowledge of the challenges in healthcare staffing. She worked on the frontlines as an RN for 20 years and has seen it all. She is passionate about delivering efficiencies and outcomes for her team and is looking for a solution that can help improve employee satisfaction and retention. Watch her full story here.

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