IVR Absence Reporting 

Let automation take care of your shift call-offs and sick calls.

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How It Works

Optimize how scheduling teams receive, direct and process incoming phone calls and absences.
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Employee Reports Absent

Employees call a toll-free number to self-select the category/reason for their call

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WFM System Updates

The schedule is updated in real-time, reflecting the absence and the appropriate pay code

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Notify Stakeholders of Absence

An email notification is sent to management notifying them of the employee absences & requests

Why Andgo for Automating Absence Management?

Andgo simplifies employee shift call-offs by providing a streamlined and efficient process for employees to report their absence via phone line.

Instead of navigating through multiple steps or relying on direct contact with supervisors, employees can quickly dial into the IVR phone line, follow prompts specific to their absence reason, and submit their call-off details promptly.

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IVR Absence Reporting

With Andgo You Get

Real-Time Insights

Quickly report absences through an intuitive IVR system and that update your workforce management system. This immediate feedback provides real-time visibility into staffing gaps and operational needs across your organization.

Efficient Communications

By automating the process of reporting absences, Andgo ensures that staffing gaps are addressed promptly, correct pay codes are applied and workforce management schedules are updated automatically.

Data-Driven Decisions

The integration with your workforce management platform ensures that all data from Andgo is captured and analyzed. This data enables you to make informed decisions based on trends, patterns, and historical information regarding absences and staffing levels.

Proactive Staffing

With accurate and timely information, schedulers can proactively plan staffing resources, optimize schedules, and allocate resources effectively to meet operational demands.

Customer Testimonials

What Are People Saying About Andgo's IVR Absence Reporting

Hear from a few of our customers

“Great team, great support and innovative solutions for workforce scheduling. Their product has enabled incredible efficiencies and cost savings as a result.”
Jason Jaswal

Regional Director, Medical Affairs, Northern Health Authority

“Automation of manual tasks made easy! Andgo is very focused on their customer. They will do everything they can to ensure the customer is satisfied, at the same time being very cognizant of what is achievable within budget and timelines.”
Heather Runn headshot
Heather Runn

Regional Director, HRIS & Staffing Services, Northern Health Authority

Enhanced Absence Reporting

Want More Ways to Simplify Shift Call-Offs? 

Check out Andgo’s enhanced absence reporting solution where employees can submit absence requests, manage their schedules, and receive approvals directly via web or mobile interface.

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**Time to manually receive & process calls takes an average of 7 minutes based off Andgo customer baseline data

**Time receive & process calls with Andgo Quick Dial takes an average of 1 minutes based off Andgo historical metrics