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Shift Prebooking

Optimize the process of filling future vacant shifts. Streamline communications, while systematically organizing future shift applications for scheduling teams for easy awarding.

Shift Prebooking At-a-Glance

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Auto Post

Future vacant shifts are automatically posted every 15 minutes in the scheduling system

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Interested and eligible employees can view & apply for available open shifts on their own schedule

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Schedulers process requests based on predefined criteria ensuring the right person is awarded the right shift

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Employees can track their active submissions; dashboard is a workflow guide showing action items

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Andgo customers are able to reduce their vacant shifts by over 60% through Shift Prebooking.


Optimize the scheduling processes of filling future vacant shifts. A seamless extension of Andgo’s Smart Call, Shift Prebooking delivers a heightened level of accessibility and flexibility to employees. Shift Prebooking streamlines communications, while systematically automating shift management and organizing shift submissions for scheduling teams for easy awarding.

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