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Social Responsibility

Andgo’s Social Responsibility Plan outlines our commitments to the community and the environment. We apply a "learning-by-doing" approach where we deepen our knowledge and impact through experience. Our commitments are focused on fostering healthy communities and supporting environmental initiatives.

Our commitments aim to:

Andgo aims to prioritize socially responsible procurement icon

Prioritize Socially Responsible Procurement

Andgo aims to invest in the community via charitable giving icon

Invest in Our Community via Charitable Giving

Andgo aims to increase diversity, equity, inclusion, & belonging icon

 Increase Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging

Andgo aims to reduce carbon footprint/co2 emissions icon

Reduce Our Carbon Footprint/CO2 Emissions

Our Focus: Empowering Indigenous Communities of Canada

By directing efforts towards economic and social issues relevant to our region, we can create better conditions for both our team and our company. We’ve decided to focus our efforts on empowering indigenous communities of Canada. More specifically:

  • Skills development for Indigenous Youth
  • Indigenous Conservation Initiatives in Canada

2021 Social Responsibility Year in Review

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50 tonnes of CO2 emissions
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That's the equivalent of heating your entire home for almost a year and a half

Offset Our Carbon Footprint

Andgo is carbon neutral as of 2021 🎉 We committed to offsetting over 100% of our estimated CO-2 emissions with the Coastal First Nations/Great Bear Rainforest Carbon Credit Initiative.

Check out this spectacular video from the Coastal First Nations Initiative 🌳🐻

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Prioritize Socially Responsible Procurement

We introduced new procedures for assessing product life cycle when purchasing for Andgo. We committed to prioritizing purchasing local, sustainable, and ethical products first.

Some of the local vendors we supported include:

Road Coffee, Escape Sports, SaskMade Marketplace, Fable Ice Cream, Darkside Donuts, 9 mile legacy, Bill’s House of Flowers, Michelle’s Flowers, Harden & Huyse, The Bagel Shop, Prism Coffee, Hometown Diner, and more.

Andgo is open to working with other vendors who prioritize social responsibility. Feel free to reach out!

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Invest in our Community Through Charitable Giving

Andgo committed to further increasing our donations to charitable organizations throughout our home city. Our donations were focused around community health and well being, and skills development for Indigenous youth.

Andgo Systems Grand Total Donations
Andgo Employee Donations
Andgo Donations

Charities We Supported

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Skills Development for Indigenous Youth

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Level Up Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We conducted two DEI surveys intended to measure employee sense of inclusiveness, respect, diversity, and belonging within the organization. We also completed an internal review of DEI at Andgo to determine which areas we should focus on throughout the year.

Social Responsibility Workshop Series

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2 internal surveys and 4 internal workshops

INTERNAL SURVEYS measured the team's sense of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging with Andgo.

INTERNAL WORKSHOPS were conducted as part of the Andgo Social Responsibility Learning Series:

  • Mitigating Bias in Hiring
  • Out Saskatoon: Foundations of Identity, Terminology, and Inclusive Language
  • 50 Ways to Fight Bias - Fundamentals
  • Mental Health & Holiday Stress
Took a stand graphic outlining our commitment to diversity and inclusion at Andgo
Asked question graphic illustrating our encouragement during interviews to ask questions about diversity and inclusion to all potential candidates

How We Got Here

Andgo Social Responsibility timeline illustrating our journey on how we got here