Social Responsibility

Our Commitments

Andgo’s Social Responsibility Plan outlines our commitments to the community and the environment. We apply a "learning-by-doing" approach where we deepen our knowledge and impact through experience. Our commitments are focused on fostering healthy communities and supporting environmental initiatives.

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Prioritize Socially Responsible Procurement

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Invest in Our Community via Charitable Giving

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Increase Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

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Reduce Our Carbon Footprint/CO2 Emissions

Our Focus

Empowering Indigenous Communities of Canada

By directing efforts towards economic and social issues relevant to our region, we can create better conditions for both our team and our company. We’ve decided to focus our efforts on empowering Indigenous communities of Canada, specifically:

Skills development for Indigenous Youth
Indigenous Conservation Initiatives in Canada

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2023 Social Responsibility Year in Review


Dollars contributed towards charitable giving


Number of estimated tonnes of CO2 offset in 2023


Hours Spent Volunteering Doin' Good in the Hood

Charities We Supported

2023 Year in Review

Andgo Social Responsibility Rewind

2023 was an awesome year for Andgo's SR initiatives! Check out what we were up to👇

Quarterly Wrap Up

Check out our quarterly summary below 👇 Interested in partnering with Andgo's Social Responsibility Team? Get in touch!

Community Action 2023 Highlights

As part of our Community Action Policy, Team Andgo volunteered a total of 65 hours in 2023!

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Canadian Blood Services Blood Drive

meewasin cleanup

Meewasin Valley River Cleanup

summer bingo

Doin' Good in the 'Hood Summer Bingo

santa hampers

Secret Santa Hamper Building Night

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2023 Charitable Giving

Women of Andgo Connection

The women of Andgo came together for an hour to have vulnerable and meaningful conversation. In small groups we had open dialogue around topics such as leadership, imposter syndrome, and adversity.


How We Got Here

Feb 2020

Andgo takes to social media

Like the rest of the world, Andgo found itself supporting a stream of causes through social media.

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Feb 2020
Apr 2020

Posting is not enough

We recognized that being reactive to these causes and posting about them on social media only scratched the surface of making meaningful change.

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Apr 2020
Jun 2020

Decisions for positive change

We wanted to go deeper. We wanted our actions and efforts to positively effect change for the things we care about at Andgo. In short, we wanted to make a real difference.

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Jun 2020
Aug 2020

Formed a Social Responsibility Committee

We formed a social responsibility committee to prioritize our commitments and develop a plan.

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Aug 2020
Dec 2020

Formalized plans in place

At the end of 2020, we had a plan in place. Starting in 2021, the plan was ready to be put in motion.

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Dec 2020
Jan 2021

Focused effort and results

2021 marked the first year of our extensive commitment to this plan and it was a huge success! Check out our results: See our 2021 Year in Review.

Jan 2021

Continued & deliberate action

We are just getting started with our commitment to social responsibility initiatives. We are dedicated to continuing to be deliberate in our actions at Andgo to make our communities a better place.

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The Social Responsibility Committee

Meet the Team

Sarah Press headshot
Sarah Press
People & Culture Manager
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Amy Prokop
Product Manager
jana ham headshot
Jana Ham
Research Analyst
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Brittany Lloy
Product Designer
Let's Connect

Andgo is open to working with other vendors who prioritize social responsibility.

We’d love to learn more about your organization. Feel free to reach out!