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Hello Stella!

The experienced scheduler tired of repetitive manual tasks and looking for new innovative solutions.

Watch below to see how Andgo illuminates solutions to her scheduling challenges and helps her reclaim her work day.

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Meet Stella, an experienced and dedicated scheduler who's constantly seeking innovative solutions to optimize staffing. Stella strives for accurate and efficient shift filling, but unreliable data collection often results in errors and employee grievances, hindering her ability to do her job effectively, and causing frustration among the staff. In addition to data challenges, Stella finds herself spending a significant amount of time on repetitive and inefficient tasks which accumulate and slow her down. This prevents her from focusing on the task at hand - awarding the most critical shifts to the right people. Luckily, Andgo has the solution! Andgo's end-to-end automation eliminates the hassles of manual data collection and management. With seamless integration and real-time data updates, Stella can rely on accurate information for awarding shifts, reducing errors and unnecessary overtime, and mitigating employee grievances. By reducing the time she needs to spend on data entry, tracking down information, and correcting errors, Stella has newfound efficiency in her scheduling duties and can turn her attention to higher-priority items. Streamlined, automated shift workflows and intuitive dashboards allow Stella to navigate the platform effortlessly, focusing on critical vacancies and shift filling. No more scheduling in the dark! Stella feels significantly less overwhelmed and able to allocate her time and resources more effectively, driving better outcomes and fostering a positive work environment. Discover how Andgo can transform your staffing process and empower your team. Contact success@andgosystems.com or visit our website to schedule your free demo.

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