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Healthcare Staff Shortages: How Intelligent Automation Can Help Maximize Your Internal Resources

Background With the lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic raging on across the globe, it’s no surprise hospitals are continuing to feel immense staffing pressures. For the first time in nearly two decades, hospital CEOs ranked staffing challenges as their top concern in 2021. Furthermore, it’s estimated that 34% of all nurses plan to leave their job by the end of 2022 and [...]

Modern Healthcare Transformation Summit

Event Recap By Ryan Richichi from Andgo Systems

Absence Onboarding: How Intelligent Automation Fuels Actionable Insights

Calling in sick? Calling out sick? Seems bizarre that these two opposite-sounding terms essentially have the same definition, depending on what region of North America you are in!Regardless of what terminology you are familiar with, the universal certainty about absence onboarding & tracking is the significant set of challenges it presents. Traditional absence onboarding [...]

Shift Filling Technology's Role in Mitigating Staff Shortages

Organizations everywhere are feeling the pressures of labor shortages, burnout and high rates of (often regrettable) employee turnover (aka “the Great Attrition”, “the Great Resignation”). Voluntary attrition has increased significantly over the last 10 years, spiking dramatically from an average of 54.6% of total employee separations throughout that period to 67% in 2021.

Shift Filling - 2021 Year in Review

In a previous blog post, we discussed some of the critical elements to optimization around filling vacant shifts, such as strategic communications, advance planning, and infusing personalization in the process. By incorporating these elements into an end-to-end, holistic automation approach, organizations can maximize their return on investment. Employees involved in the [...]

Vacation Mapping - 2021 Year in Review

In a previous blog post, we examined the multiple benefits of creating a pro-vacation culture within an organization and strategies for doing so. However, administering vacation processes, particularly complex ones in large organizations is tedious and highly disruptive. There are an immense amount of resources involved that detract from an organization’s core areas of focus. [...]

Intelligent Workflow Automation: The New Age of Employee Scheduling

Introduction As organizations continue to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, effective labor redeployment is top of mind, particularly those from industries that employ shift workers. This demanding period brought to the surface the magnitude and implications of

Building a Pro-Vacation Culture to Create a Win-Win Scenario

Introduction As the work world, as we know it returns to at least some semblance of “normal”, it is an interesting time to examine something that is likely on a lot of people’s minds this time of year: vacations. For many, the word vacation evokes fond memories of past adventures or relaxation and/or anticipation of ones to come. As it should; It is hard to imagine someone in [...]

5 Keys to Unlocking Fairness & Transparency in Scheduling Environments

One of the biggest challenges organizations are faced with in employee scheduling is improving fairness and transparency. These challenges are typically compounded by complex requirements, urgent deadlines and limited resources. Leaders and managers are often inundated with complaints or grievances by staff related to errors, miscommunications, and unfair shift appropriations.