How Andgo Smart Call Provides Call Out Automation

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Nov 15, 2019

Before reading this article, check out the informative article: 'Automating the Call Out Process'.

Using data and programming logic, Andgo Smart Call automates and facilitates the process of finding the right employee to cover a shift when a member of the team calls in sick. Based on a configurable rules engine (skill set, seniority, status availability, etc.), eligible employees are automatically identified and contacted about available shifts with zero intervention.  This reduces administrative costs, and staff overtime while ensuring continuity of care.

How does Andgo Smart Call do this?  

Andgo Smart Call expands the functionality of your existing scheduling and HR systems. Based on the data in these systems, the rules engine in Andgo Smart Call determines which employees meet the available shift criteria. Eligible employees receive an automated email, text or call containing the available shift details. Responses are optimally organized to find the best employee to fill the shift.

Best of all, each step of the communication process is automated: selecting shifts, building call-out lists and triggering notifications are all automated.  Employee responses are organized for Scheduling Staff to easily identify the employee best suited to fill the shift.  

What are the Outcomes?  

The hospitals we work with found staff schedulers fill 7 times more shifts using the Andgo Smart Call solution. This is in addition to reducing grievances, and overtime and providing a transparent process for employees and management.  

When it comes to automatically notifying employees of available shifts, Andgo Smart Call has been doing it for years. Designed and developed in partnership with Canadian Healthcare Providers, Andgo Smart Call is the insider’s solution to automating call-outs in Canadian Healthcare

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