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Smart Call


Intelligently automate the communication of available immediate need shifts to eligible employees. Collect bids and systematically organize information for scheduling teams for easy, accurate awarding of shifts. 
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Smart Call At-a-Glance

Smart Call - Step 1 Onboard: A vacant shift that needs to be filled is added to the scheduling system
Smart Call - Step 2 Identify: Configurable rules engine determines the list of eligible replacements
Smart Call - Step 3 Communication: Communicate vacant shifts to eligible replacements
Smart Call - Step 4 Qualified Assignment: Award the shift to the most suitable employee

Key Resources & Stats

Smart Call - Key Stat showing scheduling staff fills 7 times more shifts using Andgo's Smart Call compared to manual processes
Intelligent Workflow Automation: The New Age of Employee Scheduling blog article
Andgo Intelligent Workflow Automation Video

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Watch the video 👈 to learn more about how Andgo's Intelligent Automation provides solutions for your complex, high-volume shift filling needs. For more on how Andgo impacts different departments within your organization, check out What's In It For You?

Benefits & Features

Andgo’s Smart Call delivers end-to-end workflows that go beyond just basic open shift notifications. Leverage automation throughout the employee scheduling lifecycle to significantly reduce the need for manual intervention. Fill more shifts, faster, with the right people.

Scheduling staff are no longer tasked with non-value-added activities such as manually dialling phone numbers and can focus on strategically filling open shifts with the most suitable employee. 

Smart Call addresses all tasks in the process, including:

  • Dynamically building call lists pre-configured to account for complex union/organizational rules and shift eligibility
  • Routing communications in line with personalized communication preferences
  • Transparent shift bidding (including partial shifts) - via IVR, SMS text message, website
  • Shift awarding - via intuitive, powerful scheduling dashboards
  • Response monitoring
  • Integrate seamlessly with your existing scheduling system
Smart Call feature's communication process
Grievances Improvement Icon

Through Smart Call's process of communicating and granting immediate need shifts, Andgo customers have reduced scheduling related grievances by up to 80%

Shift Filling Savings Calculator


Your Annual Savings:

Scheduling Costs before Andgo


Scheduling Costs after Andgo


You Save


**Time to fill a shift manually takes an average of 28 minutes based off Andgo customer baseline data

**Time to fill a shift with Andgo takes an average of  3 minutes based off Andgo historical metrics

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