Intelligent Shift Fill Automation

Simplify and streamline your complex shift filling and vacation bidding with Andgo.

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Fill Shifts Quickly & Seamlessly

Schedulers won't even need to pick up the phone! Andgo's Intelligent Automation Suite converts complex scheduling processes into automated and configurable workflows.

Mitigating Staff Shortages

Technology can play a vital role in navigating staffing challenges. In this blog article, we examine some of the ways that intelligent shift filling automation can make a significant positive impact.

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Cut Costs with Intelligent Automation

Andgo customers across the board experience a very compelling ROI through intelligent automation of their existing process.

Intelligent Shift Fill Automation

Simplify & streamline your complex shift filling and vacation bidding processes with Andgo.

The Andgo eBook is here!

In our newly launched eBook, The "What's in it for Me?" Guide to Intelligent Automation, we cover common scheduling challenges in complex, high-volume environments and how Andgo helps each department within an organization.

Automate & Streamline Your Vacation Process

With the holidays upon us, it’s time to think about vacation planning! Andgo has a solution that automates and streamlines the process of booking and awarding vacation requests, easing the stress for managers and employees alike.

It’s official, Andgo is a great place to work!

Our mission at Andgo is to improve the lives of both our customers and employees. Join us to be part of Andgo's workplace environment and culture of innovation, empowerment and service excellence.

Flexibility is the New Currency

Many elements of our work cultures would not be possible without the support of technology. From emails to smartphones, we already lean heavily on technology to facilitate flexibility in our work environments.


Fewer Vacant Shifts

Leveraging automation through Andgo's automated shift bidding


More Shifts Filled

With Andgo intelligent automation as compared to manual processes


Cost Savings

For every $1 invested when you partner with Andgo and use any of our modules

End-to-End Automation

Right Person, Right Shift, Right Time

Leveraging Intelligent Shift Fill Automation to fill more shifts in complex, high volume environments. Browse our products below.

Scheduling Challenges?

How Andgo Helps

Intelligent Customer Solutions

Our platform is available as a full suite or à la carte, designed to provide targeted high impact outcomes.

The Andgo eBook is Here

What's in it for you?

Intelligent Automation Benefits Everyone

Intelligent Automation impacts every part of an organization. Our digitized processes work to remove costs, reduce risks, streamline communications, and increase employee satisfaction. With Andgo, you'll have greater transparency, empowering all departments and levels to manage their time better and make informed decisions.

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Shift Filling Saving Costs


Your Annual Savings:

Scheduling Costs before Andgo


Scheduling Costs after Andgo


You Save


**Time to fill a shift manually takes an average of 28 minutes based off Andgo customer baseline data

**Time to fill a shift with Andgo takes an average of  3 minutes based off Andgo historical metrics

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Absence Reporting Savings
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Vacation Mapping Savings