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Automating the Call Out Process

What do you do when a member of your team calls in sick?  Pull up the shift details, create the call list and start dialling numbers hoping to find an employee willing to work?   

This current scheduling practice of manually communicating available shifts to employees is both inefficient and resource intensive. Manually calling employees on a one-to-one basis is not sustainable and not an efficient use of resources.  Finding tools to help with this process is difficult as scheduling employees in Canadian healthcare is challenging and meeting process requirements requires an in depth understanding of healthcare operations.   

A lot of time goes into manually calling employees to fill available shifts.  Most of this time is spent on non value added tasks such as creating call lists, dialling phone numbers, listening to ringtones and leaving messages.  These tasks take time away from the meaningful work your scheduling or frontline staff could be doing; such as strategically filling shifts with the best suited employees or delivering care to patients.

Healthcare organizations who have automated the entire call out process gain:

  • The ability to fill 7 times more available shifts with existing resources
  • An 80% reduction of scheduling related grievances
  • Higher employee satisfaction
  • Greater call out capacity
  • Operational efficiencies of $123.20 per FTE scheduled

By automating the process for notifying employees of available shifts, healthcare organizations  have the unique opportunity to gain operational savings while expanding services to stakeholders.

When it comes to automatically notifying employees of available shifts Andgo Smart Call has has been doing it for years.  Designed and developed in partnership with Canadian Healthcare Providers, Andgo Smart Call is the insider’s solution to automating call outs in Canadian Healthcare.  

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Going Beyond Automated Call Outs by Process Automation How Andgo Smart Call provides Call Out Automation