Understand Employee Shift Management vs. Employee Request Management

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Nov 10, 2020

Like it is for other organizations, the biggest assets to hospitals and healthcare practices are their employees. If your employees are dissatisfied with your management procedures and methods, however, your productivity and profits will suffer. 

Our employee management software helps prevent this. Read ahead to know how we incorporate shift management and request management features to ensure employee satisfaction and work productivity.  

Employee Shift Management

Managing employee shifts is an important part of an organization’s operations. Since many healthcare organizations have their staff working in different shifts that can vary in timings and hours, maintaining a typical 9–5 schedule isn’t a feasible option. Given the vastness of a hospital network and the fluctuation of available shifts, it’s imperative to have a proper employee shift management system in use to ensure efficient and productive business operations. 

Our employee shift management feature allows healthcare organizations to manage the process of allocating shifts to employees, making it easier for both parties. It’s also extremely useful for managing shift rotations and improving work efficiency as well as productivity. Users can use the following two features within the shift management software to further streamline the process:

Smart Call

The Smart Call feature facilitates automated communication and helps in the urgent allocation of available shifts to employees who’re eligible. The employee in question would receive a text message, a phone call, or an email containing the shift details, and they can respond accordingly. Smart Call helps the hospital’s scheduling staff select the most suitable employee for the available shift, taking into account their existing schedules.

Employee Self Service Shift Bidding

We also help with hospital shift bidding management. Vacant shifts can be announced well in advance, making it easy to fill these up timely. The feature is an extension of the Smart Call module and helps in optimizing the process of filling in immediate as well as future shifts. Employees can fill out the applications for these shifts as soon as they’re made available, making it easy for them to track their future shifts. 

Employee Request Management

Employee request management is similar to shift management, with the difference being that instead of applying for available shifts, it helps employees apply for days off.

Paid leaves are an important part of ensuring employee wellness. Individuals may take days off for personal errands, sickness, or medical issues, or simply because they need a break. 

However, it can be quite taxing to fill out or approve leave schedules manually and can result in confusion and overlap. This may prevent employees from taking the time off they need. Our software provides the following features to improve employee request management:

Vacation Bidding

Vacation Bidding helps facilitate the process of employees applying for days off, vacations, or other payout requests made online. It enables them to track their request status while also giving an insight into the chances of their requests being approved.

Quick Dial

Quick Dial helps in automatically receiving, redirecting, and prioritizing incoming phone calls. These are filtered through different categories on the dashboard, from where the department managers can then access them and prioritize them accordingly.

Andgo offers hospital management software to healthcare facilities with advanced features to automatically fill shifts to help them streamline their scheduling processes. Reach out to us for more details on remote healthcare management!

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