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Quick Dial


Automatically receive, route and prioritize urgent employee phone requests (such as absence reporting) and present the information to scheduling teams via dashboards organized by priority and category.

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Employee Calls

Quick Dial is not just for employees calling in sick - it can be expanded to other operations where a large volume of incoming phone calls are received.

Streamline, categorize, and prioritize common/frequent inbound requests for your scheduling team. Quick Dial is flexible and configurable to meet your organization’s dial in needs, such as: reporting injuries, managers requesting additional coverage and/or providing department scheduling instructions, replying to priority group messages and more!

Benefits & Features

Andgo’s Quick Dial empowers employees to submit phone call requests (such as reporting an absence) through a highly intuitive Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. Each call and corresponding action is automatically logged and reviewable in the audit trail. Quick Dial optimizes how scheduling departments receive, direct and process incoming phone calls. 

  • Automatically connects to schedule data to show the most up-to-date changes
  • Removes the need for a live interaction for unplanned leaves - employees have confidence in successfully reporting absences immediately
  • Standardized, consistent information gathered in the request process
  • Tasks are automatically prioritized and categorized for the scheduling team, removing ambiguity around urgency
  • By also activating Andgo’s Enhanced Absences, Managers can be included in the absence approval process.
Manage employee absences and automatically update schedules

Absence Onboarding Savings Calculator


Your Annual Savings:

Scheduling Costs before Andgo


Scheduling Costs after Andgo


You Save


**Time to manually receive & process calls takes an average of 7 minutes based off Andgo customer baseline data

**Time receive & process calls with Andgo Quick Dial takes an average of 1 minutes based off Andgo historical metrics

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