Going Beyond Automated Call Outs by Process Automation

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Oct 15, 2019

According to StatsCan, the industry with the highest rate of employee absenteeism is Healthcare. With Healthcare employees being essential to patient care, these absences need to be filled as quickly as possible. Most Healthcare organizations fill these absences the same way: manually calling employees one at a time to see if they want to work. This is a very time-consuming process that is prone to errors and not scalable.    

On average, it takes 24-28 minutes of effort to find a replacement for available immediate needs shifts when manually calling employees one-to-one. Scheduling Staff can fill an estimated 20 immediate need shifts per day by manually calling employees.  

Automating callouts greatly reduces the amount of effort required to fill available shifts. Time is no longer spent dialling phone numbers, listening to ringtones or leaving messages. Automating the call-out process of offering shifts enables Scheduling Staff to fill available shifts with approx 8-10 minutes of effort. This translates to 40-60 available shifts filled per day.  

This is good, most people would stop here and consider it a job well done, but the efficiency experts, Lean consultants, Kaizen fellows and the managers tasked with doing even more for less, would say there is more work to do. These folks would analyze how the remaining 8-10 minutes of effort it takes to fill a shift are being spent to see if there are more efficiencies to be had. They would be glad they did.  

50% of the 8-10 minutes it takes to fill a shift are spent on non-value-added activities. These manual tasks include selecting which shifts needs to be filled, identifying and selecting the employees that should be notified for the shift and then sending that list off to be auto-called.

Scheduling Staff and frontline staff do not need to do this, as Andgo Smart Call will do this for you.    

Andgo Smart Call automates the entire process of creating, sending and completing automated callouts, and the results are tremendous.  Scheduling staff using Andgo Smart Call takes only 4 minutes to fill an available shift. Each day Scheduling Staff is able to fill 120 immediate needs available shifts by using Andgo Smart Call.  

The operational efficiencies created by Andgo Smart Call tremendous savings for healthcare organizations. 

When it comes to automatically notifying employees of available shifts, Andgo Smart Call has been doing it for years. Designed and developed in partnership with Canadian Healthcare Providers, Andgo Smart Call is the insider’s solution to automating call-outs in Canadian Healthcare.  

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