Can SMART Automation Revolutionize My Scheduling Practices?

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Apr 13, 2020

Working smarter, not harder is a mantra endorsed in most organizations. We want our teams to find ways to optimize efficiency in every task. Particularly when they are tasks that are repeated many times throughout each day. In fact, we often pay significant dollars to consultants to make our organizations SMART-er and LEAN-er. We know in the end, efficiency and effectiveness lead to fewer dollars spent and more time gained.

We know we need to make our people efficient. So how do we examine the technologies we use to ensure they really make our organizations run more efficiently? Have we truly capitalized on software solutions that were, in the beginning, meant to bring speed and ease to our operations?

Andgo’s Smart Absence Management solutions deliver the efficiencies that scheduling automation intended. It’s not just another software solution. Andgo partners with its customers to truly revolutionize how they interact with their employees. Andgo’s Smart Absence Management delivers ultimate efficiency to every component of the scheduling life cycle. Building a schedule, annual vacation planning, unplanned absences, and rescheduling and filling a shift are all included.

Smart Call

As your managers and scheduling office begins to build the upcoming schedule, Smart Call enables real-time interaction as employees use the shift bidding module with interactive voice, text, and email to accept shifts within the future schedule. Employees have the ability to bid on available shifts as soon as they become known, up to 90 days in advance, creating a company culture of work-life balance. Schedulers and managers can post and fill vacant shifts months in advance.

Vacation Bidding

When it comes time for the (dreaded) annual vacation leave planning, Andgo’s Smart Absence Management brings the same automation with real-time voice, text and email interactions to facilitate and optimize employee leave, vacation and payout requests online using our Vacation Bidding solution. Transparent workflows allow employees to track the status of their requests throughout the processing phases. This transparency provides insight into whether or not their request will be approved prior to submission.

Smart Dial

When the inevitable happens, and an employee needs to alert the Scheduling office or their manager that they will be late or absent for a shift they are scheduled to work, Smart Dial allows the employee to report their unplanned absence in an automated fashion. Smart Dial receives, routes and prioritizes incoming phone calls automatically. This makes the process of inbound absence reporting efficient and effortless for your managers and schedulers. Incoming calls are captured, organized, and filtered through configurable categories on a dashboard. Department managers and scheduling staff then prioritize and process them.

If your scheduling software solution is not making use of real-time interactive communications with Smart Call, Smart Leave, Vacation Bidding and Smart Dial, is it truly serving your organization with the utmost efficiency? If your scheduling solution is not SMART, what is it?

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