Absence Management Workflow: How Intelligent Automation Fuels Actionable Insights

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May 10, 2022

Calling in sick? Calling out sick? Seems bizarre that these two opposite-sounding terms essentially have the same definition, depending on what region of North America you are in!

Regardless of what terminology you are familiar with, the universal certainty about absence workflows & tracking is the significant set of challenges it presents. Traditional absence management solutions are (at best) clunky and fragmented, collecting sick call details with basic standalone IVR technology, disconnected spreadsheets and even post-it notes!

In complex, high-volume environments, each absence becomes another drop in a seemingly bottomless bucket. This massive problem is compounded further by a worldwide pandemic that has caused absence rates to explode in magnitude. At the height of the Omicron variant, one Andgo customer had over 3,000 sick calls in a single day!

It is simply not feasible to categorize and prioritize which absences are the highest priorities to address without centralized, organization-wide visibility of all employee absences. Quick Dial equips organizations with a holistic view of every employee's sick call, in an accessible, updated dashboard view.

Check out the video below to learn more about how Quick Dial from Andgo leverages intelligent shift fill automation to provide on-demand transparency to transform absence workflow & drive actionable decision-making.


Digging Deeper

Beyond updating the schedule, every single absence that comes in triggers a whole host of additional questions:

  • Does the shift need to be filled?
  • What location/department/unit?
  • What skills/credentials/certifications are required?
  • Who needs to be notified?
  • What is the timeline?
  • What is the priority level? Etc. Etc.

Addressing all of these items manually for each and every absence is extremely tedious, inefficient and error-prone. Quick Dial answers all of these questions with pre-configured rules and logic, so you don’t have to.

  • Automatically create a shift in your scheduling system in situations when a replacement is always required
  • Notify only relevant/impacted stakeholders; no over-communicating or ambiguity
  • Populate scheduling dashboards, clearly organized by priority so schedulers can triage what needs to be actioned next
  • Automatically update your WFM system with the correct pay codes and employee information
  • Capabilities to automate filling a vacant shift as soon as an absence is reported (provided Andgo’s Smart Call is also deployed)

How Andgo Helps

The Andgo Shift Fill Automation Suite is a complete end-to-end solution that automates the communication processes of receiving and filling employees' planned and unplanned leave requests—effectively closing the loop on absence management.

Andgo’s Quick Dial has been proven to track & process absences 7x faster! Working seamlessly with both your scheduling/WFM system of record, Andgo Smart Call, our customers can quickly and accurately communicate with eligible employees to fill vacant shifts where a replacement is needed.

Andgo is trusted by several leading healthcare organizations in North America. Quick Dial, Smart Call, and all Andgo modules are backed by award-winning “white glove” service excellence exemplified by our 100% customer retention rate.

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