What Makes Andgo Unique?

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Feb 14, 2023

While Andgo is in the SaaS technology space, our "north star" is delivering exceptional outcomes to our community of stakeholders. While this mission may not be unique to Andgo, the way that we approach it is. We characterize this approach as Andgo’s “3 Uniques”: 360° Expert Service Culture, Innovative Solutions That Grow With You, and Access to Our Community. We call these our "3 Uniques" because they are what set us apart and closely align with our purpose; why we do what we do at Andgo.

360° Expert Service Culture

Andgo is focused on providing white glove expert service and exceptional outcomes, whether that means more transparent shift bidding, intuitive absence reporting, etc. This extends not only to our customers, but also our employees, valued partners and the communities we are a part of. This philosophy is reflected in Andgo’s refreshed core values:

Does the right thing

We are intentional and deliberate in determining the right course of action. We do what’s right, not what’s easy, even when no one is looking.

Exhibits a growth mindset

We invest in ourselves, seek knowledge, and are open to change in order to lift our team. What got us here is not going to get us there.

Shows authentic self

We bring our whole selves to work. We have fun, support each other, and contribute positively to our shared culture. We are curious, not judgmental.

Innovate & Iterate

We thoughtfully experiment and dive into the unknown, knowing that even when we ‘fail’ it moves us forward.

Good people, helps first

We have a service-first mentality, whether it’s helping a coworker or a customer. We listen empathetically and add value to every interaction.

No ego

We give and receive feedback in an open and honest manner. We understand feedback is an important process of improvement and we are willing to change our views when presented with new information.

Andgo also invests deeply in the professional development of our team. Our team members attend industry conferences and events, participate in training programs, and collaborate with experts in their field to stay up-to-date on the latest technologies and best practices. This investment in our team's professional growth ensures that we can provide the highest level of expertise and service to our stakeholders. 

Innovative Solutions That Grow With You

At Andgo, we meet customers where they are on their digital transformation journey and support them in their growth. We understand that businesses are constantly evolving, and so should the technology they use. That's why our solutions are designed to evolve with our customers’ changing needs and circumstances. 

Our commitment to innovation also extends to future-proofing our customers’ technology investments to ensure our solutions stay relevant and help mitigate costly upgrades down the line. We’re always keeping an eye on the latest and most innovative technologies and workforce trends and incorporating them into our solutions whenever possible. For instance, in the face of widespread labor shortages in healthcare, it's crucial for our customers to prioritize high-value tasks and minimize the amount of time spent on low-value, repetitive tasks. Our Intelligent Automation suite does exactly that by offering an end-to-end automation solution that frees up time for staff to spend on mission-critical work. Our technology also enables a more flexible work environment by allowing employees greater control over how and when they work. Our software supports both full and partial-shift bidding, empowering employees to only bid on the portions of an open shift that work best for them, giving them greater flexibility to balance their work and personal life.

Access to our Community

Being a part of the Andgo community means not only do our customers benefit from our knowledgeable team of experienced specialists, our teams are constantly connecting and communicating with a network of experts and thought leaders. This provides an opportunity to draw on their insights and perspectives to inform our approach to delivering innovative solutions. 

We also consider our customers as subject matter experts and encourage them to share their feedback and insights. Our customers play a critical role in (as well as reap the benefits of) collaborating on best practices that result in continuous improvement in driving innovation and efficiency across our customer base.

Partnering with Andgo for technology needs ensures that our customers receive solutions from a team who is invested in their success. Our focus on building strong relationships, coupled with our commitment to innovation and community underscores our dedication to the ongoing growth of our customers.

As technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, it's crucial to invest in solutions that can keep up with changing demands. Our unique and innovative approach to healthcare technology ensures that we stay ahead of the curve and provide proactive solutions to real challenges facing our customers. 

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