(Award Winning) Service Excellence by D.E.S.I.G.N

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Dec 10, 2021

"Service, in short, is not what you do, but who you are. It is a way of living that you need to bring to everything you do, if you are to bring it to your customer interactions." – Betsy Sanders, Author, Fabled Service

Service excellence has been tightly woven into Andgo’s fabric since the company’s inception. To us, service excellence is exemplified by the quality of relationships we keep - with our customers, partners, employees and our communities - and is entrenched in Andgo’s core values.

Andgo is committed to "walking the walk" on our core values. Our core values are represented by the acronym D.E.S.I.G.N. and guide us in how we deliver differentiated, intelligent solutions and value for all stakeholders through service excellence: 

  • (D)oes the right thing. We solve the right problems at the right time, in the right way. 
  • (E)xhibits a growth mindset. You won’t hear the words ‘because we’ve always done it this way' at Andgo. We’re a growing company filled with growing individuals. We are always looking for new solutions, open to change, and seeking knowledge. 
  • (S)hows Authentic Self. We support authenticity and fun in our workplace and community.
  • (I)ntelligence. Our team is built up of smart people who do good work. We create and elevate thoughtful, well-defined solutions when proposing ideas.
  • (G)ood people help first. We have a service-first mentality, whether it’s helping a co-worker or a customer, we add value to every interaction.
  • (N)o ego. We thrive in an environment with open and honest communications. We understand the importance of feedback and adaptability for process improvement.

This approach has allowed Andgo to maintain a 100% customer retention rate!

Andgo was recently recognized by UKG as their 2021 “White Glove Partner of the Year” in the WFM Technology Partner category. The award recognizes the partner who embodies UKG’s "Purpose is People" culture, focuses on unwavering customer service, creating a people-first experience, and maintaining UKG’s "Partner for Life" mentality.

Andgo’s winning submission featured 20 examples (case studies/stories, testimonials, imagery) from customers, partners, employees, and community initiatives demonstrating the company’s commitment to "white glove" service excellence, guided by Andgo’s D.E.S.I.G.N. core values.

How Andgo Helps

Our mission at Andgo Systems (“Andgo”) is to improve the lives of both our customers and employees. We do this by enabling meaningful and thoughtful work that simplifies complex interactions related to dynamic shift filling and vacation mapping.

Andgo’s Intelligent Shift Fill Automation Suite fills more shifts faster, with the right people. Our holistic, end-to-end approach drives significant ROI to our customers, particularly in high-volume scheduling environments. 

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