Andgo's 3rd Annual Charity Auction!

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Jul 5, 2023

Andgo's commitment to social responsibility extends to investing in communities through charitable giving. In line with this commitment, Andgo held its 3rd annual Charity Auction recently, to raise money for causes important to us and our community.


The first Andgo Charity Auction originated in 2021 as a fun way to get together to combat the overwhelming Zoom fatigue of the pandemic and raise some money for charity while doing so. Organized by Andgo’s Social Responsibility Committee, the inaugural auction featured a collection of homemade and locally sourced items, with the proceeds going to charitable causes. The primary aim was not just to raise funds, but also to connect with team members and showcase their diverse talents. To the surprise of everyone, the auction was a resounding success, raising over $4,000 in a single afternoon.

Impressed with the success of the first charity auction, Andgo hosted its second auction in 2022, solidifying it as an annual event. With the company having doubled in size since the previous auction, the fundraising goal was also doubled to $8,000—a target that was well surpassed. Through employee donations, matched by company contributions, an astounding $18,000+ was raised in 2022. Read more about the previous charity auctions here.

2023 Andgo Charity Auction

After the immense success of our previous charity auctions, Andgo proudly held its 3rd annual event in June 2023. Similar to previous years, this auction was filled with exciting donations from partners, as well as creative employee donations (pineapple plant, anyone?) But, the 2023 charity auction also brought forth exciting new changes.

First, we upped the ante on our employee charitable donation goal to a whopping $20,000. As with our other charity auctions, the amount raised by the Andgo team was also matched by company contributions to further our efforts.

Alongside the live auction, we introduced a silent auction, expanding the range of incredible donations and improving participation options for our remote employees. The addition of the silent auction created more opportunities for friendly competition, with last-minute bids intensifying the excitement.

Moreover, Andgo aligned the charities we are supporting more tightly with our social responsibility values; focusing on empowering Indigenous communities in Canada. Our selected charities, included: Friendship Inn, Prairie Harm Reduction, OUT Saskatoon, Saskatoon Food Bank, and Saskatoon Mother's Centre reflecting our commitment to making a positive impact on marginalized groups in our community. Remote employees who bid on items were encouraged to make their donation to a local charity of their choosing.

We’re proud to announce that the 2023 auction did not disappoint, culminating in an astounding $32,000 raised between the live auction, silent auction, and Andgo’s company match. We blew our initial goal out of the water by over $12,000! This incredible achievement stands as a testament to the unwavering commitment and generosity of our team and partners. By surpassing our ambitious targets, we have not only made a significant impact on the lives of those in need but also exemplified the core values that define Andgo and the work that we do.

We can’t wait to see what the years ahead will hold for the charity auction!

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