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Intelligent Workforce Management

Andgo understands and accommodates manufacturing's ecosystem; high-level usage patterns, legacy IT integration needs and the need for configurable workflows to meet complex requirements.

Intelligent Automation Improves Workforce Flexibility

Automatically receive, route & prioritize urgent employee phone requests such as sick calls & other absences.

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Case Study: Manufacturing Success Story

Andgo provided the customer with a holistic, real-time view of everything that is happening with workforce movement across the organization, plant by plant - providing targeted insights about absences and automatically triggering action; open shifts are automatically sent to eligible team members via text/email/phone call per preferences.

The customer had the following requirements:

rules and compliance

Union Rules

Complex union / CBA requirements beyond just “first come, first serve”, i.e. seniority, shift distribution, IVR etc.


Automated Shift Bidding/Filling

Shift bidding & shift fill automation to drive efficiency & reduce manual effort for supervisors.

calling in sick

Employee Ability to Call In Sick (via Telephone)

Telephony (IVR) capabilities to enable employees to call off sick.

scheduling ahead of time

Ability to Schedule and Plan Ahead of Time

Flexibility to schedule open shift notifications to be sent at a later time.

Impactful Outcomes

Employees don't even need to log in to Andgo to bid on shifts or call off sick; they can simply set their preferred communication method (email, text, IVR) and engage accordingly. Andgo is a natural enhancement and extension of the customer's scheduling environment presented via the Google Cloud Platform- not "another tool".

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Andgo's Manufacturing Absence Workflow At-a-Glance

4 Steps
3.5 Minutes or Less
Manual Tasks Eliminated!
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Report Absence

Employees call a toll-free number to self-select the category/reason for their call

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Auto Update

The schedule is updated in real-time, reflecting the absence and the appropriate pay code

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An email notification is sent to management notifying them of the employee absences & requests

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