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Vacation Mapping Module

Vacation Mapping


Facilitate your entire vacation process online with Andgo’s Vacation Mapping module. Maximize vacation usage and reduce complex processing overhead.

Andgo Vacation Mapping At-a-Glance

Vacation Mapping - Step 1
Vacation Mapping - Step 2
Vacation Mapping - Step 3
Vacation Mapping - Step 4

Key Resources & Stats

Vacation Mapping - Key Stat 1
Vacation Mapping - Key Stat 2
Vacation Mapping Article

Benefits & Features

Digitize your Vacation Mapping process with Andgo. Drive increased satisfaction for employees by increasing both transparency and the likelihood of approval for the days they actually want.

Schedulers and managers benefit by streamlining the process; eliminating tedious, non-value activities. Greater vacation usage means reduced vacation hour liability on the organization’s balance sheet.

  • Provide transparency, sophistication and organization into your vacation process through intelligent automation
  • Significantly reduce vacation request processing time
  • Deliver actionable data to facilitate informed decision making
    • Employee visibility into the likelihood of vacation request approval (via quota)
    • Correct approvals are recommended to that scheduler/manager based on CBA / quota
Vacation Mapping Feature
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