At Andgo, we specialize in Intelligent Automation. We help organizations solve cumbersome scheduling practices by turning them into automated, end-to-end configurable workflows.

Ultimately, our focus is collaborating with our customers to achieve their desired business objectives through workflow automation. These business objectives are discussed early on and corresponding key performance indicators are identified. These KPIs will be used to measure the success of implementing Andgo and provide clear project goals. Click here for examples of the types of KPI's that Andgo impacts for our customers.

We understand complex scheduling environments and the difficulties associated with them. Organizations from healthcare, manufacturing, retail, logistics, and other industries with challenges related to filling shifts and vacation planning stand to benefit greatly from savings in time, money and headaches by deploying Andgo.

Did you know?

Andgo customers typically fill shifts 7x faster and see a saving of $3.50 for every dollar invested.

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☝️ See how Andgo saved Saskatchewan Health Authority $500,000 in scheduling costs

Shift Filling Savings Calculator


Your Annual Savings:

Scheduling Costs before Andgo


Scheduling Costs after Andgo


You Save


**Time to fill a shift manually takes an average of 28 minutes based off Andgo customer baseline data

**Time to fill a shift with Andgo takes an average of  3 minutes based off Andgo historical metrics

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