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Success Story: Major US Healthcare Organization

One of the leading academic healthcare systems in the United States faced significant challenges that came to a head during the COVID-19 crisis. The 20,000 employee health system, similar to several healthcare organizations, saw a significant strain on staffing resources that was accelerated and magnified by the pandemic.

Business Problem: Strain on Staffing Resources - "Death by 1,000 Cuts"

The resulting strain on staffing resources was unprecedented, leading to heightened anxiety among scheduling staff as they struggled to keep up with as many as 3,000 sick calls a day. The manual and siloed processes for handling employee absences further exacerbated the problem, leading to inefficiencies and errors. The organization referred to this challenge as “death by a thousand cuts”. Recognizing the need to streamline and automate their absence workflow, they began looking for a solution to these staffing challenges.

Implementing an automated absence workflow system (Andgo) resulted in significant and rapid improvements in the operational efficiencies related to absence workflows for the healthcare system.

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The Solution:
Partnering with Andgo

These outcomes highlight the transformative power of Intelligent Automation. Ultimately, the healthcare system was able to effectively manage a significant volume of absence calls with virtually no manual effort or processing required. As a result, the overall productivity and satisfaction of both employees and managers has improved dramatically.



Callouts processed in a 12 month span


Less than 1 Min

Time spent to process an absence



Absence requests automatically processed



ROI automating absences with Andgo

“Managers no longer do manual tasks when employees call out sick. In fact, even our supervisors & managers are using Andgo for call outs and I love that it’s saving me time.”
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Cost Savings

Incredible ROI and Reduced Costs

Greater Efficiency

Task Automation = Fewer Errors

Employee Satisfaction

Great Productivity Amongst Teams

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