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Innovation in a time of crisis

As much as COVID-19 has separated and isolated us as we practice physical distancing, it has also brought us together as a community, united by the same goal.  Right now there is no ‘us’ or ‘them’, just ‘we’. This community which we are all a part of relies on each member to do their part. Each member has an important role to play in helping the community. Creativity and innovation will be a driving force throughout this time of crisis.

How are companies showing innovation?

This pandemic has brought fear and unease to much of the world, but it’s also sparked compassion and innovation. Many companies are stepping up and doing what they can to help their communities. Big businesses are making big donations, offering free services, and ensuring their employees are cared for. Other organizations are donating space to help with overflow hospital beds, and services to help manufacture personal protective gear and hand sanitizer. The list goes on, and the compassion is endless.

Here are just a few examples of the great work being done:

  • Saskatchewan Polytechnic donated 7 pallets containing thousands of pieces of personal protective equipment (PPE) and other supplies to health regions throughout the province.
  • A University of Saskatchewan engineering team is designing a comfortable, reusable, and sanitizable N95 class respirator mask aimed at protecting emergency room doctors and nurses from COVID-19 in the midst of a global shortage of medical-grade masks.
  • Bauer is creating face shields for medical professionals.
  • Honeywell is partnering with the US government to expand its manufacturing operations to produce N95 face masks.
  • Canada Goose has dedicated manufacturing resources to make scrubs and patient gowns.  
  • Many big-name tech companies have donated significant supplies of PPE to local hospitals, such as:
  • Many distilleries are producing hand sanitizer for public sale or to donate to health regions due to the shortages.
  • Grocery stores are helping seniors and those more vulnerable with dedicated, special hours for shopping.
  • Many other companies are donating money and finding creative ways to feed the hungry.

This list is inspiring and keeps growing every day. More and more companies are coming up with creative solutions and helping turn the tide of the pandemic. As a result, we have hope for the future and what it holds.

How Andgo is helping

At Andgo, we want to do our part and help where we can. It’s important that everyone do what they can to support the efforts to fight this virus. We are working tirelessly with our Healthcare partners to ensure that no shift goes unfilled. During a pandemic such as this, it is vital that our Healthcare providers are able to maintain staffing and ensure patients are receiving the care they need.

COVID-19 has added extra strain to many industries, especially Healthcare, and so our primary focus has been on improving and expanding our features for them. We have rapidly developed and deployed COVID-specific communication and shift filling tools.  These tools are available to new user groups such as physicians and volunteers in order to expand Healthcare provider’s communication and scheduling capabilities. We will continue to help where we can and do what we do best by helping Healthcare organizations keep their shifts filled.

We’re here to help

Check out our COVID updates for information on how we can help you throughout this time.

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