Filling Shifts – What’s the Cost?

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Apr 1, 2020

Scheduling for many industries is an expensive and time-consuming operational task. Filling shifts with the right team member and ensuring every shift is filled can be a significant burden on the organization. Add in the complexities of collective bargaining agreements, and shift filling becomes even more complex. Layer in a 24/7 operation, and you get an exponential increase in complexity.

Filling Shifts in Healthcare

Healthcare has all of these issues at play for shift filling and more! Employees’ skills are so varied that the shift can only be filled by a specific employee skillset. This reduces the pool of employees. Shift filling is critical as hospital operations depend on the workforce to sustain it. It is unlike other industries where at times, an unfilled shift means less productivity or sales. Healthcare does not have the option to let shifts go unfilled.

The operational cost of filling shifts can take significant portions of already limited budgets with valuable dollars. These dollars could be redirected to patient care if shifts were filled more efficiently. So, what’s the solution?

Automating the Process

Enter automatically fill shifts software. Hospitals are increasingly relying on shifts filling software to automate their scheduling practices. They need to ensure that every shift filled in the hospital is filled efficiently. This will reduce the number of precious dollars spent to get the right employee in the right place at the right time.

Automated shift fill software, sometimes referred to as an automated call-out solution, is now in use at most major hospitals. Shifts are called out using automated text, email, and interactive voice. Therefore, the nurse or hospital support staff can respond in real-time to fill the shift using their smartphone. Shifts are filled 7 times faster using automated shift fill software, and the cost is pennies on the dollar of using a live call center to make outbound phone calls to fill shifts.

Saving Money

Need to save valuable healthcare dollars? The first place to look is at your scheduling practice. Automated call-out solutions for shift filling help you save money. Otherwise, you are spending money that could be used for patient care to fill shifts. Smart Call by Andgo fills shifts in real-time. As a result, hospitals save valuable time and money and are able to focus their budget on improving patient care.

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