Feature Update: Partial Shifts & Calendar

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Aug 28, 2020

Partial Shifts

Andgo is excited to announce the release of a new Partial Shifts feature as part of its Smart Call and Prebooking modules. Currently, employees are only notified of and able to bid on full shifts through these modules. With the introduction of our Partial Shifts feature, customers will be able to optionally allow employees to bid on portions of shifts, adding another valuable way for organizations to fill unplanned absences.

shift screen

The Partial Shifts feature includes:

  • Support for partial submissions through text, call or online
  • The ability to allow partial submissions on a per shift basis
  • Ability set a system-wide minimum for partial submission length
  • A new option to sort by submission length on the Scheduler processing screen

To use this valuable new feature, contact your Andgo support team and let them know you’re interested in Partial Shifts. The newest version of the Unfilled Shifts upload introduces an additional column that captures whether or not you want a given shift to accept partial submissions.

Coming Soon

To further maximize your organization’s ability to easily find employees to work unfilled shifts, Andgo is planning on expanding the Partial Shifts functionality to allow schedulers to award multiple partial submissions on a single shift. Stay tuned as we look to release this valuable additional functionality in the near future!

Calendar Update

Andgo’s calendar is an integral part of our platform — it’s the central hub for employees to view their schedules or bid on shifts through Smart Call or Prebooking. We’ve given both the schedule calendar and unfilled shift calendar a fresh new look that includes:

  • An improved mobile-friendly experience with less scrolling
  • Modern icons
  • Shift times are now displayed on the calendar so employees can view
    important info quickly
  • Streamlined, easier-to-read shift details
  • The ability to capture partial submissions when bidding on shifts

To accommodate the new style of icons, we have created a new version of the Calendar Events upload. This new version (v2) has a set of user-centric icons for you to choose from.

calendar update screencalendar update confirmation message screen

More about Andgo

Andgo Smart Absence Management was developed specifically for complex scheduling environments. By working with Andgo, you get the benefits of working with a knowledgeable and experienced team familiar with complex scheduling processes, procedures, and requirements.

Andgo’s Smart Absence Management system has created immense value for each of our clients through the automation of complex scheduling workflows. At Andgo, we understand no two organizations are the same. With this in mind, we have designed our system to accommodate the unique requirements and use cases of your organization.

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