What's in it for You?

The benefits of intelligent shift fill automation span organization-wide. Watch the video to learn more about the benefits specific to each department. And for a deeper dive, read below 👇

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Business Leaders

Take costs out of the organization, reduce risks, streamline communications, and increase revenue with Andgo. Andgo allows executives to impact and measure organizational KPIs while empowering managers with timely information and tools to reduce admin and more effectively manage operations.

Benefits of Andgo for Business Leaders:

Reduce Costs
  • Employees are empowered and freed from mundane tasks, increasing satisfaction and reducing regrettable turnover.
  • Fewer Schedulers can handle more requests, enabling a more strategic deployment of labour resources. 
Reduce Risk
  • Tools to facilitate preparation/planning for the future
  • Configurable round-based annual vacation bidding helps reduce the organization’s vacation hour liability
  • Eliminate union/organizational rule errors in shift filling process - resulting in fewer grievances 
Streamline Communications
  • Create and send segmented messages with ease to targeted employee groups in line with their communication preferences
Increase Revenue
  • Facilitate more shifts to be filled by the right people
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Andgo provides business leaders with the information and tools they need to strategically impact KPIs at both the executive and operational levels.


andgo illustration of a scheduling manager managing multiple employee schedules 500x500

Andgo empowers schedulers to focus on more strategic and efficient tasks, increasing their efficiency and job satisfaction, while reducing errors.

Andgo provides schedulers with access to super tools - empowering them to keep up with demand, focus on value-added activities, and eliminate mind-numbing busywork. Thus, schedulers can quickly and efficiently fill shifts, communicate to staff and reduce costs associated with the scheduling process.

With Andgo, schedulers are able to:

  • Access dashboards to process shifts more easily, leveraging intelligent automation to save valuable time
  • Leverage intelligent shift fill automation to efficiently automate absence workflow instead of report on absences and call out the immediate need shifts and future shifts in advance
  • Access centralized, auditable guidelines to right-size staffing levels and eliminate errors as organizational/union rules are auto-checked
  • Streamline vacation rounds and bidding in an equitable manner


With Andgo, employees are able to engage and schedule shifts when it works for them. The result is a heightened level of control over their schedule and work/life balance. With Andgo, employees are able to quickly and conveniently:

  • Receive notifications about (and bid on) both available immediate need shifts and future open shifts up to 90 days in advance that they are eligible for;
    • These notifications are delivered via the communication medium and timing of the employee’s preference (email, text, phone)
  • Request time off for absences and/or leaves without relying on directly reaching a manager
  • Plan vacation time in advance, with real-time updates of availability and the likelihood of the request being granted;
    • Vacation requests are processed more quickly, so employees have more timely clarity on the vacation hours they want
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The simplicity and ease of use of Andgo Shift Filling and Vacation Bidding put the employees in the driver's seat with respect to their work/life balance.

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