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Shift Prebooking Module

Shift Prebooking


With Andgo’s Shift Prebooking, employees have the ability to apply for available shifts as soon as they become known, even months in advance. Employees are empowered to plan ahead and take charge of their work-life balance. 

Shift Prebooking At-a-Glance

Shift Prebooking - Step 1
Shift Prebooking - Step 2
Shift Prebooking - Step 3
Shift Prebooking - Step 4
Fill Shifts

Andgo customers are able to reduce their vacant shifts by over 60% through Shift Prebooking.

Benefits & Features

Optimize the process of filling future vacant shifts. A seamless extension of Andgo’s Smart Call, Shift Prebooking delivers a heightened level of accessibility and flexibility to employees. Shift Prebooking streamlines communications, while systematically organizing shift bids for scheduling teams for easy awarding.

Reduce vacant shifts in advance by 60%:

  • Increase employee satisfaction by putting employees in the driver seat with respect to their schedule
  • Backfill planned leaves in line with collective bargaining agreements
  • Complex union/organization eligibility rules are automatically accounted for
  • Transparent future shift bidding (including partial shifts)
  • Streamlined communications regarding future shifts - cut down on notification volume
  • Centralized & organized shift awarding - via intuitive, powerful scheduling dashboards
  • Response monitoring
Filling future Vacant Shifts in advance
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