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Andgo’s Inform leverages employee data already in the system to curate targeted communications to applicable employees. Create and send messages to applicable employee segments in minutes.

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Direct Communication

The Saskatchewan Health Authority has been utilizing Andgo's Inform Module to communicate directly with each of their 90,000 stakeholders (employees, physicians, and volunteers) during the COVID pandemic.

Benefits & Features

Messaging large, targeted groups of employees is extremely time consuming and inefficient via email and next to impossible via other channels. Utilizing multi-modal communication functionality (IVR, text, and email) in line with employee notification preferences, Inform allows mass one-way communications to being sent to a configurable group of employees. 

  • Easily communicate one-time alerts, bulletins, and instructions to groups of employees with a variety of relevant messages, (i.e. regarding flu shots, COVID updates, construction updates, new hire announcements, giving kudos, etc.)
  • Leverage data and pre-configured filters already in the system to easily reach your intended audience
  • Inform allows you to save draft messages, so they can be set up ahead of time and sent at the precise time needed
  • Recipient lists and their notification methods are fully auditable
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