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Enhanced Absences


Andgo’s Enhanced Absences enables your organization to collect, prioritize, and efficiently process employees’ enriched absence requests and present the information to scheduling teams via dashboards organized by priority and category.

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Enhanced Absences At-a-Glance

Enhanced Leaves - Step 1: Employees can submit absences online; multiple shifts across departments and partial submissions are supported
Enhanced Leaves - Step 2: Absence information is recorded & automatically routed into dashboard workflow; Relevant stakeholders are notified
Enhanced Leaves - Step 3: Schedulers use information-rich screen to process requests: Managers optionally included in processing workflow
Enhanced Leaves - Step 4: Absence details are tracked & stored for auditing and searchable to view status/actions in real-time

Benefits & Features

Employee absences are often a cumbersome, time consuming process, involving multiple emails and/or forms. In addition, they are typically difficult to prioritize, particularly when requests span multiple departments.

Andgo’s Enhanced Absences automatically collects, organizes and prioritizes absence requests across different departments and occupations in one place. With built-in approval processes and associated employee availability, employee absence requests are processed in a timely manner:

  • Automatically update workflows and connect schedule data to show the most up-to-date changes
  • Intuitive, mobile-friendly wizard to enrich employee absence requests, including partial days and requests that employees don’t have enough hours for
  • Unified dashboard for scheduling team to streamline, prioritize, and action incoming requests
  • Manage request workflow spanning shifts and occupations across multiple managers and departments as required
  • Absence bank types, absence reasons, and denied reasons are configurable by the customer, supporting complex organizational needs and unique business processes
  • All absence request records are fully auditable
Employees absences request and approval management process
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