Becker's Webinar

Reduce Your Reliance on Costly Staffing Agencies

To deal with the current staffing crisis, health systems feel forced to rely on costly external staffing agencies, which is killing hospital and health system operating margins. This webinar focuses on new technology solutions that can help reduce reliance on external staffing agencies while driving positive patient outcomes.

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Key learning points include:
  • Update on widespread labor shortages and staffing crises
  • How health systems are leveraging automation technology to reduce manual tasks, improve operational flexibility
  • Improved decision-making from real-time staffing data
  • Strategies for accessing under-utilized segments of the health system workforce


nanne finis
Nanne Finis
Chief Nurse Executive
Michael Hasselberg
Dr. Michael Hasselberg
University of Rochester Medical Center
Chief Digital Health Officer
Tom Ross headshot 20221026
Tom Ross
Andgo Systems
Chief Executive Officer