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Healthcare Industry

Using technology to simplify complex scheduling processes

An Andgo Healthcare client was facing a number of challenges with staff scheduling after a number of budget cutbacks; the department was in crisis mode. An additional 40 schedulers were hired to manage the new needs brought about by these changes, but it was clear that this type of process was not sustainable. Better, more efficient solutions were needed to ensure that work was completed in an accurate, timely matter.

Tracking key metrics showed change was considered a necessity. Inefficient scheduling systems were costing the client $15 million in overtime, resulting in 1,040 shift inquiries and 59,531 payroll corrections. Over 80% of the operating costs were for labour, and in that state, the client would be facing a $30 million deficit if no changes were made to their scheduling processes.

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15 million

Inefficient scheduling systems were costing the client $15 million in overtime, resulting in 1,040 shift inquiries and 59,531 payroll corrections.

Partnering with Andgo

The fully automated, integrated and streamlined processes within the Andgo systems leveraged the client’s existing scheduling software with minimal disruption. Modifiable rules and logic were embedded to take into account the unique labour union rules and policies present in Healthcare environments.

With the launch of Smart Call, the clients’ main issues have subsided and significant efficiencies have been realized. This new and improved system has empowered staff and managers to plan their shifts in advance, even on the go from their smartphones.

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80% gain in staff satisfaction scores with the scheduling department.

Employees can now:

  • View schedules from the past, present and into the future
  • View, bid and cancel pre booked shifts
  • Submit automatic bids
  • Accept single, multiple or block shifts
  • Update their own personal information
  • Identify their availability
  • Input exceptions on shifts for sick days, vacation, etc.

Scheduling staff can now fill over 140 relief shifts per day, allowing them to allocate their resources into work that is of higher value and requires more attention.

Integrating Andgo Systems has resulted in:


Increase in call out capacity


Fewer scheduling related grievances


More relief shifts filled per day by staffing clerks


Reduction in unfilled shifts and a substantial operational saving

Collaborating for Success

The client took a unique and innovative approach to solve a complex problem facing their staff and scheduling department. Andgo was engaged to identify ways to improve manual workflows through the use of technology, and the Smart Absence Management system was born.

Consistent discussions and collaboration between the two parties have resulted in a robust software offering that fulfills the scheduling needs of Healthcare providers on a cost effective basis. Andgo Smart Absence Management is used to create scheduling efficiencies and increase staff satisfaction in large organizations across North America.