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Keep your team connected using our automated employee communication and scheduling during COVID-19.

As organizations on the frontlines re-tool to meet the demands of COVID-19, the reality of another shortage has set in: communication. This is where Andgo is helping! Our tools and resources are helping our clients in their response to COVID 19.


If you require immediate assistance with automated communications or scheduling for your workforce in response to the Pandemic, please reach out to learn more about how we can help!

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Broadcast Module

The Broadcast module allows mass one-way communication to be sent to a configurable group of employees via text message, email or phone.

Andgo clients use the broadcast module to easily communicate one time alerts, bulletins and/or instructions to employees regarding flu shots, emergency preparedness processes and new department instructions.

Keeping your employees up to date in this rapidly changing environment has never been more important.

Clearly communicating to your employees during this trying time will help eliminate uncertainty.

  • Control your messaging across all regions and work forces.
  • Keep employees up-to-date with the latest news, in a situation where the status is changing every hour.
Broadcast Module

Quick Dial

Quick Dial is an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system that optimizes the way scheduling departments receive, direct and process incoming phone calls.

Incoming calls are captured, organized and filtered through configurable categories on a dashboard where department managers and scheduling staff prioritize and process them.

  • Visibility into what is happening across the organization.
  • Ability to identify the centres that are in most need.
  • A dashboard that tells you what to do and where.

Smart Call

Automate the communication of available immediate need shifts to eligible employees.

Employees receive an automated email, text or phone call containing the available shift details. Employee responses are optimally organized for scheduling staff to select the most suitable employee to fill the shift.

Smart Call integrates seamlessly with your existing scheduling system.