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Meet the Team – Cam McHugh

Cam is a Senior Software Developer with Andgo and spends the majority of his time writing code. However, he also enjoys the opportunity to participate in frequent software design meetings, architectural planning, and helping out with operational issues. He’s been heavily involved in developing our integration with Kronos Workforce Dimensions, an industry-leading suite of HCM tools. This integration opens new doors for Andgo, allowing organizations on Workforce Dimensions to leverage our SmartCall, Broadcast, and QuickDial IVR solutions with minimal setup and configuration.

“It’s exciting to be a part of something that creates a significant opportunity for growth at Andgo.”

Cam was born and raised in Saskatchewan. He grew up in North Battleford, moved to Saskatoon for education, and remained here throughout his career. The thriving tech community, 5-minute commutes, and a slower pace of life are what he likes most about Saskatoon. He enjoys making the most of Saskatchewan summers, and yes, the winters too. In his spare time, you’ll often find him out on the water fishing, even when it’s covered in 3 feet of ice. Some of his other hobbies include kayaking, hiking, skiing, and adventuring with his family. 

Cam with wife and kids  Cam skiing

Cam joined the Andgo Team in February 2019. He was drawn to the idea of working for a small, but motivated and growth-minded Saskatchewan tech company. He also appreciated that our product significantly increases efficiency in managing health care scheduling, and ensures that the right people are always on hand to help those in need.

As with the majority of our team, one of Cam’s favourite things about working at Andgo is the people.

“We’ve done a great job of recruiting and hiring highly intelligent, motivated, and humble people. We care deeply about doing excellent work while remaining considerate and empathetic to each other.”

With a light-hearted, fun-loving culture, Andgo provides plenty of memorable moments, but one of his favourites was our rebrand launch party.

“Our party to celebrate the official launch of our Andgo rebranding stands out, as it represented a key moment in the trajectory of our company. The launch provided an opportunity to both reflect on the history of the company and its roots, and establish our vision for the growth and future of Andgo. Oh, did I mention there was also local craft beer on tap and an oyster bar?”

When thinking of past accomplishments, joining the team at Angdo is something Cam considers an accomplishment in its own right. Since joining, he’s assisted in solving performance issues that have allowed us to continue scaling our product, assisted with our migration onto the Google Cloud Platform, and has played a large role in our Workforce Dimensions integration. 

Cam McHugh Cam with family

On a more personal note, a few of his favourite experiences include hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, visiting the Galapagos islands, completing a half-ironman triathlon, and the birth of his two children. 

Cam has cycled through a lot of interests and hobbies over the years, moving on after he feels like he’s done what he set out to do. So, it’s no wonder to hear that his core passion is learning and discovery. He’s truly up for anything that brings new experience or knowledge. And with two school-aged children, his passion has grown to helping them to discover the world and all it has to offer. 

Cam with son Cam walking on sand

Cam values the people and the work being done at Andgo and looks forward to many more years with the team.

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